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Benefit corporation legislation is effective in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and DC. Search below to locate the known benefit corporations in any of the preceeding states.

The list below is B Lab's best effort to create an accurate accounting of benefit corps and is inclusive of all data collated by B Lab from state agency reports. Many states do not currently track the names or number of benefit corporations. B Lab continuously collects this data, however each state has different level of reporting capabilities. If you know of a company that should be listed or not listed, please contact

Search Results
Human.Kind Philanthropic Advisory Group
101 The Embarcadero #214
San Francisco, California 94105
tel: (415) 810-1810
The Art Project
2926 Juniper Street
San Diego, California
Imagination Supply Company
San Francisco, California
Atalanta Capital Tsf, PBC
2397 Shattuck Ave Suite 212
Berkeley, California 94704
WaterSmart Software
20 California St. Suite 200
San Francisco, California 94111
tel: (415) 789-6061
Fruit Street Health
1402 Marina Way South
Richmond, California 94804
Platinum Coaching Inc.
419 Main St. #60
Huntington Beach, California 92646
tel: (714) 536-4585
High Vibe Society Artisan Collective
Peace Lifestyles, Inc.
SAN DIEGO, California 92110
tel: (781) 820-5348
Sun Light & Power
1035 Folger Avenue
Berkeley, California 94710
tel: (510) 845-2997
Certified BCorporation
Synergetic Connections, Inc.
815 J Street
San Diego, California
Alter Eco
2339 Third Street, Ste 70
San Francisco, California 94107
tel: (415) 701-1212
Certified BCorporation
220 Montgomery St, Suite 650
San Francisco, California 94104
tel: (415) 364-7200
dsa custome detail and restoration
192 98th Street
Oakland, California 94603
Ourdata.Us, PBC
SVT Group
Silicon Valley
San Francisco, California
tel: (510) 368-7272
Certified BCorporation
Dr. Bronner's
P.O. Box 1958
Vista, California 92085
tel: (760) 743-2211
Certified BCorporation
234 East Redwood Ave.
Fort Bragg, California 95437
Certified BCorporation
Out of the Box Collective
21610 Lassen St
Chatsworth, California 91311
tel: (310) 745-3556
Certified BCorporation