Find a Benefit Corp

Benefit corporation legislation is effective in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and DC. Search below to locate the known benefit corporations in any of the preceeding states.

The list below is B Lab's best effort to create an accurate accounting of benefit corps and is inclusive of all data collated by B Lab from state agency reports. Many states do not currently track the names or number of benefit corporations. B Lab continuously collects this data, however each state has different level of reporting capabilities. If you know of a company that should be listed or not listed, please contact

Search Results
Raven + Lily
501 West Powell Lane, Suite 502
Austin, Texas 78753
tel: (512) 981-9675
Certified BCorporation
Kbh Products PBC
501 Elm St. Suite 450
Dallas, Texas 75202
tel: (214) 810-1280
Social Impact Architects
3921 Hawthorne Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219
tel: (214) 256-3579
Certified BCorporation
707 Ruidosa Downs
Helotes, Texas 78023
Kepler51 Analytics
P.O. Box 342485
Austin, Texas 78734, Inc.
7000 N. Mopac Expwy, Suite 425
Austin, Texas 78731
tel: (512) 697-4897
Certified BCorporation
Beth Spencer Design
1806 Nelson Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38114
affirmhealth, inc.
834 A Clayton Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
tel: (615) 933-6124
Fathom PBC
Have A Standard Foundation
PO Box 11315
Memphis, Tennessee 38111
Wilborn Enterprise Inc
1679 Fields Road
Memphis, Tennessee 38109
Delta Water PBC
Delta Water PBC 802 Royal Ave
Memphis, Tennessee 38107
tel: (901) 870-0182
ReCourses, Inc.
Sparkwise Inc.
Berkeley, Sparkwise 94618
Schulte TA INC.
South Dakota
Crocker Institute
4551 Park Lake Drive
Johns Island, South Carolina 29455
tel: (434) 960-6862
Money With A Mission
451 Folly Rd
Charleston, South Carolina 29412
tel: (800) 563-8301
Good Done Great, Inc.
3955 Faber Place, Suite 100
North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
tel: (855) 364-6635
Jahmu PBC (duplicate)
Rhode Island
Tuckerman & Co.
15 Barnes St.
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
tel: (413) 427-0767
Certified BCorporation