State by State Legislative Status

If you're interested in passing benefit corp legislation in your state, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  To see a draft of the model legislation, click here.

Enacted Legislation

  • Arizona Benefit Corporation


    Status: Passed. Effective December 31st 2014.

    Sponsors: Rep. Tom Forese, Rep. Justin Pierce, Rep. Bob Thorpe.

    Legislation: SB1238

    Key Supporters: Seed Spot

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Arkansas Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors:  Representative David Whitaker and Representative Deborah Ferguson

    Legislation: HB1510

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • California Benefit Corporation

    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Assemblymember Huffman

    Legislation: AB361

    Key Supporters: American Sustainble Business Council, Jonathan Storper, Donald Simon, John Montgomery, SVN, SB-Cal, New Voice of Business, Green Chamber of Commerce, Green America, CAMEO, CAC, Build It Green, ASBC, ACE, CAC, Bay Area Council, Montgomery & Hansen, HansonBridgett ,, Patagonia, RSF Financial, Donald Simon, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean and Green Seal.   

    Quotes/Testimony: Silicon Valley Leadership Group

  • Colorado Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective April 1, 2014. *Please note, registering as in a Benefit Corporation in Colorado may require you to register under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act. This was a determination made by the Secretary of State's Office, so please ensure your counsel reaches out to the Secretary of State before making the transition to benefit corp status. We are working with interested parties to clarify this position and ensure that Colorado requires the same the procedures as other states where the legislation has passed.*

    Sponsor: Representative Lee and Senator Kefalas

    Legislation: HB13-1138

    Key Supporters: The Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado, UL, LLC (Underwriters Laboratories) SB 182, UL, LLC (Underwrtiers Laboratories) SB 003, Green America

    Quotes/Testimony: NA

  • Delaware Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors:  Senator Sokola

    Legislation: SB47

    Key Supporters: B Lab

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Hawaii Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Sen. Ihara, Sen. Chun Oakland, Sen. Green, Sen. Solomon, Sen. Espero, Sen. Fukunaga, Sen. Gabbard, Sen. Galuteria, Sen. Ige, Sen. Nishihara, Sen. Ryan, Sen. Slom, Sen. Taniguchi, Sen. Tokuda, Sen. Wakai, Rep. C. Lee, Rep. Browner, Rep. Carroll, Rep. Evans, Rep. Hanohano, Rep. M. Lee, Rep. Morita, Rep. Nakashima, Rep. Aquino, Rep. Awana, Rep. Chang, Rep. Chong, Rep. Choy, Rep. Cullen, Rep. Hashem, Rep. Mizuno, Rep. Nishimoto, Rep. B. Oshiro, Rep. Pine, Rep. Tsuji, Rep. Yamashita

    Legislation: SB 298

    Key Supporters: Gary Hooser

  • Illinois Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Sen. Frerichs, Sen. Noland, Sen. Collins, Sen. Steans, Rep. Feigenholtz, Rep. Sente, Rep. Thapedi, Rep. Zalewski, Rep. Barickman

    Legislation: SB2897

    Key Supporters: UL, LLC (Underwriters Laboratories)

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Louisiana Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Rep. Leger, Rep. Ortego

    Legislation: HB1178

    Key Supporters: New Orleans Business Alliance

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Maryland Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Sen. Raskin, Sen. Frosh, Sen. Feldman 

    Legislation: SB690/HB1009

    Key Supporters: Jim Epstein, Michael Shuman

    Quotes/Testimony: Sen. Jamie Raskin, Rep. Brian Feldman, Michael Shuman

  • Massachusetts Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Senator Joyce

    Legislation: H4352

    Key Supporters: Preserve, Social(k), Dimagi

  • Nebraska Benefit Corporation


    Status: Passed. Effective July 17th 2014.

    Sponsors: Danielle Nantkes Conrad

    Legislation: LB751

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Nevada Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Assemblyman Bobzien

    Legislation: AB89

    Key Supporters: The Nevada Secretary of State, The Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development, The City of Reno, The Sierra Club, The Nevada Conservation League, The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, The Nevada Renewable Energy Accelerator, The Reno Chamber of Commerce, The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, The Retail Association of Nevada, The Reno Collective, Patagonia

    Quotes/Testimony: Governor's Office of Economic Development

  • New Jersey Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors:  Sen. Ruiz, Sen. Kean Jr., Assemblymember Wagner, Assemblymember Stender, Assemblymember O'Donnell

    Legislation: S2170

    Key Supporters: Natural Systems Utilities

    Quotes/Testimony: Dominic Kulik, Natural Systems Utilities
  • New York Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Speaker Silver, Sen. Squadron

    Legislation: A4692-a and S79-a

    Key Supporters: ASBC, Buffalo First, Local First Ithaca, NYS B Corps, Singlebrook Technology

    Quotes/Testimony: Speaker's Press Release
  • Oregon Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Secretary of State Kate Brown, Representative Tobias Read, Representative Jules Bailey

    Legislation: HB 2296

    Key Supporters: Metropolitan Group, Equilibrium Capital Group, Pinpoint Logic, gDiapers, Better World Club, Celilo Group Media, Hawthorne Auto Clinic, Inc., Eleek, Bamboo Sushi, Brightworks, Celia Mueller CFP, PlanGreen, Diane Dulken Strategies, Eleven Wireless, Resource Recognition and Regeneration Ranch, Activate Hub, Portland Woolen Mills, WellBalance, Michael Olaf, Montessori Company, ONABEN: A Native American Business Network, Back Into Your Body, National Sustainable Sales, Social Enterprises Inc., True Nature Wellness, LLC, Adaptation Services, Green Rising, Trovi, Fishpeople, Endurawood, Sustainable Solutions Unlimited, Changents, Indow Windows, Canvas Dreams, Supportland, Immix Law Group, Artemis Foods, Green Building Services/BuildingInsigts LLC, EcoZoom, Elements Naturals LLC, B-Line, Sustainable Harvest, Preciva Incorporated, Prem Group, Freeflow Digital, Alima Cosmetics, Inc., Idealist Consulting, Miller Nash LLP, Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals, FMYI, Speak Shop, AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc., Ecotrust Forest Management, Capital Pacific Bank, TriLibrium, New Outlook Financial, LLC, Blue Tree Strategies, Medford Fabrication, Cleantech Law Partners PC

    Quotes/Testimony: Secretary of State Press Release

  • Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Rep. Denlinger

    Cosponsors: Rep. DePasquale, Rep. Cutler, Rep. Bloom, Rep. Boyd, Rep. Briggs, Rep. Cohen, Rep. Creighton, Repr. Daley, Rep. Fleck, Rep. Gabler, Rep. Geist, Rep. Grove, Rep. Hickernell, Rep. Killion, Rep Longietti, Rep. Milne, Rep. Murt, Rep. Pyle, Rep. Rapp, Rep. Swanger, Rep. Wagner, Rep. Payton

    Legislation: HB1616

    Key Supporters: SBN Philadelphia and the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, Vertex, Dansko, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners

    Quotes/Testimony: B Lab

  • Rhode Island Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Representative Tanzi, Representative Blazejewski, Representative Ajello, Representative O`Grady, and Representative Valencia

    Legislation: HB5720

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • South Carolina Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Rep. Stringer, Rep. Weeks, Sen. Sheheen

    Legislation: HB4766

    Key Supporters: South Carolina Chamber of Commerce 

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Utah Benefit Corporation


    Status: Signed. Effective May 13, 2014. 

    Sponsors: Senator John Valentine

    Legislation: SB133

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Vermont Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Sen. Shumlin, Sen. Miller

    Legislation: S.263 

    Key Supporters: VBSR, VEOC, Merritt & Merritt & Moulton

    Quotes/Testimony: Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation,  Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry's, Jim Feinson, Gardener's Supply Company, Ken Merritt
  • Virginia Benefit Corporation


    Status: Effective

    Sponsors: Delegate McClellan, Delegate Brink, Delegate Cline, Delegate Dance, Delegate Herring, Delegate Kory, Delegate Lingamfelter

    Legislation: HB2358

    Key Supporters: Impact Makers
  • Washington, DC Benefit Corporation

    Status: Effective

    Sponsor: Chairman Mendelsohn

    Cosponsors: Councilmember Cheh, Councilmember M. Brown

    Legislation: B19-0584

    Supporters: Jim Epstein, EFO Capital Management; Laura Jordan, The Capital Law Firm; Amy Kincaid, Change Matters; Andy Shallal, Busboys & Poets

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • West Virginia Benefit Corporation


    Status: Signed. Effective July 1st, 2014.

    Sponsors: Senator John Unger

    Legislation: SB202

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

Introduced Legislation

  • Alaska Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to House Labor and Commerce Committee.

    Sponsors: Representative Paul Seaton

    Legislation: HB346

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Alabama Benefit Corporation


    Status: TBA

    Sponsors: TBA

    Legislation: TBA

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Connecticut Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to Joint Committee on Commerce

    Sponsors: Sen. Donald E. Williams, Sen. Martin M. Looney, Rep. J. Brendan Sharkey, Rep. Joe Aresimowicz

    Legislation: SB23

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Florida Benefit Corporation


    Status: Senate referred to Judiciary Committee; House referred to Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee

    Sponsors: Senator Jeff Clemens, Representative Patrick Rooney, Jr. 

    Legislation: SB 654, HB 685

    Key Supporters: The Florida Bar

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Georgia Benefit Corporation


    Status: TBA

    Sponsors: TBA

    Legislation: TBA

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Idaho Benefit Corporation


    Status: TBA

    Sponsors: TBA

    Legislation: TBA

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Indiana Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to Judiciary Committee in House

    Sponsors: Representative Casey Cox

    Legislation: HB 1260

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Iowa Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to Judiciary Committee

    Sponsors: Representative Charles Isenhart

    Legislation: HF 288

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Kansas Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development

    Sponsors:  House Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development

    Legislation: HB2650

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Kentucky Benefit Corporation


    Status: Passed House, Referred to State and Local Government Committee in Senate.

    Sponsors: Representative Kelly Flood

    Legislation: HB 66

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Michigan Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to Committee on Commerce

    Sponsors: Rep. Schmidt, Rep. Barnett

    Legislation: HB4527, HB4526

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Minnesota Benefit Corporation


    Status: Senate referred to Judiciary Committee; House referred to Civil Law Committee

    Sponsors: Senators John Marty, Jim Carlson and Ron Latz. Representatives John Lesch, Linda Runbeck, Tim Mahoney, Debra Hilstrom and Zachary Dorholt.

    Legislation: SF 2053, HF 2582

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Montana Benefit Corporation


    Status: TBA

    Sponsors: TBA

    Legislation: TBA

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • New Hampshire Benefit Corporation


    Status: Passed Senate, Referred to House

    Sponsors: Senator Molly Kelly, Jeb Bradley, Andrew Hosmer and Sylvia Larsen.

    Legislation: SB215

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Ohio Benefit Corporation


    Status: TBA

    Sponsors: TBA

    Legislation: TBA

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Puerto Rico Benefit Corporation


    Status: Referred to Governmental Efficiency and Economic Innovation Committee.

    Sponsors: Senator Ramón Luis Nieves-Perez

    Legislation: SB979

    Key Supporters: NA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

  • Wisconsin Benefit Corporation


    Status: TBA

    Sponsors: TBA

    Legislation: TBA

    Key Supporters: TBA

    Quotes/Testimony: TBA

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