B Impact Assessment

Governed by B Lab

The B Impact Assessment is a free tool created by B Lab that measures the overall impact of a business on all of its stakeholders. Companies can use this tool both to measure their impact and benchmark and report on it. Click here to learn more about the B Impact Assessment.

It is up to the benefit corporation, its directors, and ultimately its shareholders to judge whether any particular third party standard fits the statutory definition. The B Impact Assessment is one of the third party standards that meets the statutory requirements for a benefit report. You can read more about the requirements for a third party reporting standard and a list of options here.

Benefit corporations can use the B Impact Assessment to generate a free B Impact Report for Benefit Corporations. Although benefit corporations are not required to be certified or have their benefit report audited by a third party, if you would like your company’s benefit report to be audited, B Lab will review your data and allow you to publish a reviewed Benefit Report for a fee.

You can read an FAQ on creating a benefit reporting using the B Impact Assessment here.

Please contact B Lab if you need support to use the Assessment.

thelab@bcorporation.net Tel: 610-293-0299