Why is Benefit Corp Right for Me?

Becoming a benefit corporation has advantages for every stakeholder in your business, from consumers and talent to shareholders and directors.


  • Reduced Director Liability
    Benefit corporation status provides legal protection to balance financial and non-financial interests when making decisions — even in a sale scenario or as a publicly traded company.
  • Expanded Stockholder Rights
    Investing in a benefit corporation gives impact investors the assurance they need that they will be able to hold a company accountable to its mission in the future.
  • A Reputation For Leadership
    Your business will join other high profile, respected companies incorporated as benefit corporations (e.g. Patagonia in California), and be at the forefront of a growing movement.
  • An Advantage in Attracting Talent
    Millennials will grow to 75% of the workforce by 2025, 77% say their “company’s purpose was part of the reason they chose to work there.” Benefit corporation status gives prospective employees confidence that a company is legally committed to their mission. — Deloitte Millennial Survey
  • Increased Access to Private Investment Capital
    Benefit corporation status can make your company more attractive to long term investors as a company with increased legal protection, accountability and transparency around its mission.
  • Increased Attractiveness to Retail Investors and Mission Protection as a Publicly Traded Company
    Benefit corporations create an attractive investment opportunity for the same conscious consumers that have fueled organics, fair trade, and buy local movements, while enjoying a deterrent against inoculation from the short-termism that plagues public equity markets.
  • Demonstration Effect
    Benefit corporations show investors and entrepreneurs from every industry what the future Fortune 500 looks and acts like.


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