International Legislation

B Lab works with our partners around the world to identify countries where corporate law impedes mission driven entrepreneurs. B Lab works with local experts to identify legal pathways for mission-aligned companies to consider impact over time. A key component of B Lab’s impact thesis is that accountability is fundamental to driving positive impact over the long-term. Companies can only consider impact over time if they are legally allowed (and even required) to do so. Building on the success of benefit corporation legislation in the U.S., B Lab is already working with governments in several countries to create and implement mission-aligned structures and working in all its regions to promote their use.

So far, we have passed legislation in a few jurisdictions outside the states. In December 2015, Senator Ramon Luis Nieves, passed legislation in Puerto Rico to create benefit corporations. Also in December 2015, the Italian Parliament passed legislation to enact benefit corporation legislation, becoming the first country outside the United States to create this legal pathway for mission driven entrepreneurs. More recently, we have passed legislation in Colombia, Ecuador, and British Columbia, Canada.

Legislation is moving forward in Australia, Argentina, Chile, and Canada. For information on these legislative efforts please contact


British Columbia, Canada








Puerto Rico