Why Pass Benefit Corporation Legislation

Benefit corporation legislation gives more freedom to entrepreneurs, creates economic development at no cost to the state, and attracts investors. 38 states, including the District of Columbia, have already passed benefit corporation, and 13 did so unanimously.

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How to Pass Benefit Corporation Legislation

With over half the country now having adopted benefit corporation legislation, future state adoption of the form is becoming less of a nice to have and more of a need to have. B Lab has assisted in passing the laws in all states that have enacted it and they are working on passing it in the majority of the remaining states. Learn more about the process of passing benefit corporation legislation, who the key stakeholders are, and how B Lab can help.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception: Benefit corporation legislation increases regulation
Misconception: Benefit corporations get special tax treatment
Misconception: The benefit corporation structure is unnecessary
Misconception: Benefit corporation legislation is designed for left-wing companies


"Benefit corporations direct the entrepreneurial drive of American businessmen and businesswomen to aggressively address social and environmental problems without the waste and procrastination that often plague government programs that have similar goals. "

Representative Gordon Denglinger, Pennsylvania State Representative (R)

"Benefit corporations are a new, innovative type of company that will not only foster job creation but also positively impact our communities. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there looking to start this kind of socially conscious company and plenty of investors looking to support them. "

Senator Bob Bacon, Colorado State Senator (D)

"I am excited that the Governor has signed [benefit corporation legislation]. Its passage has the potential to attract millions of dollars from impact investors around the nation and the globe. More and more we are building the Louisiana that we deserve. Through business friendly initiatives that have attracted and continue to attract social entrepreneurs to our State we are laying the groundwork for the economy of the future. "

Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger, Louisiana State Representative (D)