"There are those who say that benefit corporations and venture capital are not compatible. We don’t agree and we think companies that align their values with their customers and communities will benefit over the long term, not suffer. And that alignment can produce value for shareholders sustainably and profitably. "

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

"AltSchool’s benefit corporation legal status allows the team to think beyond short-term profits and focus on fundamentally improving the education system for many decades to come "

Brian Singerman, Founders Fund

"Westly Group's investment in yerdle was not hampered by their benefit corporation status and did not greatly change our due diligence process. Instead, we viewed their status as part of the founding team's vision and as a valuable tool that created alignment between their core business model and the company's mission. "

Mike Jackson, Westly Group

"Visits to the company's job board are up by 33% since they announced the new structure (benefit corporation). "

Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter PBC

"What benefit corporation legislation does is facilitate a market that is badly needed: the market for mission driven companies. For me as an investor that is exciting news. "

Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures

"Benefit corps are going to attract a distinct kind of investor to a new start-up. Much like mutual funds that focus on investing in companies that meet specific social or ethical guidelines are gaining traction, benefit corps are a similar vehicle for a start-up. "

Matthew May, Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, L.L.P

"My guess is that this new idea [of benefit corporations] will turn out to be a winner that will yield some of our most profitable corporations because of the employee and community support they will inspire. "

Robert Shiller, Yale Economist

"Patagonia is trying to build a company that could last 100 years. Benefit corporation legislation creates the legal framework to enable mission-driven companies like Patagonia to stay mission-driven through succession, capital raises, and even changes in ownership, but institutionalizing the values, culture, processes, and high standards put in place by founding entrepreneurs."

Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia

"This legislation will facilitate greater legal and market recognition for businesses that do well while doing good – a value my firm has long exemplified and something we should all support."

Donald Simon, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean

"The creation of the benefit corporation structure is the first step towards transforming the global economic system so that all companies start to think and act in a responsible manner. Pennsylvania is helping to lead the way towards a more just and sustainable global economy."

Bill Clark, Drinker Biddle & Reath

"A benefit corporation gives the [company] directors the ability to pursue public benefits without looking over their shoulders and wondering if they're going to get sued by shareholders. "

Herrick Lidstone, Colorado Bar Association

"This legislation will facilitate greater legal and market recognition for businesses that do well while doing good – a value my firm has long exemplified and something we should all support. "

Donald Simon, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean

"Benefit corporations direct the entrepreneurial drive of American businessmen and businesswomen to aggressively address social and environmental problems without the waste and procrastination that often plague government programs that have similar goals. "

Representative Gordon Denglinger, Pennsylvania State Representative (R)

"Benefit corporations are a new, innovative type of company that will not only foster job creation but also positively impact our communities. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there looking to start this kind of socially conscious company and plenty of investors looking to support them. "

Senator Bob Bacon, Colorado State Senator (D)

"I am excited that the Governor has signed [benefit corporation legislation]. Its passage has the potential to attract millions of dollars from impact investors around the nation and the globe. More and more we are building the Louisiana that we deserve. Through business friendly initiatives that have attracted and continue to attract social entrepreneurs to our State we are laying the groundwork for the economy of the future. "

Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger, Louisiana State Representative (D)